White's Bay IPA by The Collingwood Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About White's Bay IPA by The Collingwood Brewery

Golden-hued, floral and fruity, this IPA won Gold for English-style IPA at the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards. A blend of Mosaic and Challenger hops creates the incredible nose and satisfying hops wallop you’ll find in our signature hybrid India Pale Ale. White’s Bay is named for a spot along the Collingwood shoreline, once a local fishing hole where anglers whiled the day away in the summer sun. It’s is the perfect companion for carefree days, wherever you happen to be.

White’s Bay IPA is best enjoyed at 6-10 degrees Celsius. Pour directly into the centre of a pint glass to encourage a rich, frothy white head.

Awards & Achievements for this English India Pale Ale (IPA)