Whoops! by Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Whoops! by Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company

This highly-hopped, cloudy wheat ale is a straw color,  with aromas of menthol and ripe fruit.  It displays medium bitterness, with flavours of banana and herbal mint. It finishes dry,  with lingering spicy bitterness. Whoops  was a happy accident where our brewers created a hoppy wheat beer instead of the milder beer they had planned because of an unexpected ingredient change.

At the Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company we have great passion and reverence for beer, and we will be going to great lengths to make exceptional beer that our customers will cherish. Some people say they'll make great beer; some will follow through with this promise, while others will not. We're committed to doing something special every time we brew.

Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company makes Whoops! American Pale Wheat Ale