Wildcat by Old Bust Head Brewing Co. in Virginia, United States

About Wildcat by Old Bust Head Brewing Co.

Breaking away from the super-hopped IPAs, Wildcat is brewed to provide the aroma and taste hop-heads crave, without overwhelming your palate. Brewed with four different hops, and five different malts, this IPA is complex, while still remaining approachable. Magnum, Cascade, Liberty, and Saaz hops give this IPA a citrus aroma, with a touch of noble hop distinction and herbal complexity, and a smooth, clean bitterness. The use of five different malts in the grain bill provides Wildcat with the complex flavors of malty sweetness, bread, and caramel used to round out the brew. Just like the settlers of Wildcat Mountain who inspired its name, Wildcat IPA blazes its own path into history. 

New Brew. Old Soul.

Old Bust Head Brewing Co. makes Wildcat American IPA