Windshear Watermelon Summer Ale
Barnstormer Brewing Company

Windshear Watermelon Summer Ale

Ontario, Canada
4.1% ABV • IBU 15 • SRM 3

Windshear Watermelon Summer Ale will change your direction and cause some turbulence. This straw coloured ale is delicately balanced with the refreshing character of watermelon.  Windshear has a white foamy head, sweet watermelon aromatics, smooth body and ends clean with a quenching watermelon finish.  Garnish with a slice! This is for the beer drinker who wants a little something special for the weekend.  A real treat any time of year on a patio, dock, or at the ballpark.

Pair with any lighter food, BBQ, and a maybe even a game of some sort. Enjoy responsibly year around!