Windsor Ale by 1st Republic Brewing Company in Vermont, United States

About Windsor Ale by 1st Republic Brewing Company

This brew is an unfiltered American Red Wheat.  The red wheat added in the beer combines nicely with the caramel, and chocolate malts to give it a sweet, creamy traditional style ale, with a new feel.  The hop levels are low, and subtle, which lets the yeast characteristics really come out in this beer. This beer is a more dark cloudy beer due to the wheat malts added, this is part of the characteristics.

1st Republic Brewing Co was founded in 2013 in Fairfax, Vermont. With respect and honor for this nation’s first republic, 1st Republic Brewing Co has deep Vermont roots. A mindfulness of the past and an eye on the future, 1st Republic is brewing great beer for great people.

1st Republic Brewing Company makes Windsor Ale American Amber / Red Ale