Wiser Monk by Thirsty Monk Brewery in North Carolina, United States

About Wiser Monk by Thirsty Monk Brewery

Working for the weekend? There's a beer for that. This crushable beer is crisply carbonated with mild hints of fruit and spice on the nose, flavors of light grains, and a trace of herbal hop on its clean finish. It's light and drinkable, so it would be wise to enjoy a few to take you through the week, and get closer to your weekend warrior. This Monk's for you.

If you love beer, you'll love the Thirsty Monk! Thirsty Monk is recognized by national media as one of the best beer destinations in the world, and we are dedicated to keeping our beer menu diverse and high quality.

Thirsty Monk Brewery makes Wiser Monk Belgian Pale Ale

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