Wishart's ESB by Clocktower Brew Pub in Ontario, Canada

About Wishart's ESB by Clocktower Brew Pub

The Wishart’s ESB is in the tradition of a British Extra Special Bitter. ESB’s typically have more flavour, aroma and alcohol than a standard bitter. Clocktower's ESB is copper in colour and the nose is a blend of sweet caramel and fruity aromas. The flavour of this beer is complex. At first taste, sweet caramel and light toffees are overwhelming. As the flavour develops, a mix of fruity, spicy and citrus start to present themselves and eventually take over the sweeter flavours.

The ESB is perfect to pair with traditional English foods such as fish and chips or bangers and mash.

Clocktower's mission is to serve great food and delicious locally made craft beer in a welcoming, engaged and friendly environment.

Clocktower Brew Pub makes Wishart's ESB Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)