The Wizard by Barrel of Monks Brewing in Florida, United States

About The Wizard by Barrel of Monks Brewing

Barrel of Monks most popular beer. The Wit, Witbier, or White Ale is a staple among Belgian brewers and is an ideal style for those seeking a drinkable yet full flavored beer. The large quantities of wheat lend a slight bready tang that complements the bitter orange peel and coriander spice that they add to the boil. The beer is meant to be cloudy from the suspended yeast and proteins from the wheat malt. The fruit notes, phenolic spiciness of the yeast and tangy flavor of the malt bill make this a refreshing and complex beer.

Belgian inspired craft brewery in Boca Raton, FL. Barrel of Monks Brewing is the first production brewery in the city, and the first brewery in the state to focus 100% on Traditional Belgian Inspired Ales.

Barrel of Monks Brewing makes The Wizard Witbier