The Wrangler by The BX Press Cidery & Orchard in British Columbia, Canada

About The Wrangler by The BX Press Cidery & Orchard

Cider apples are vintage varieties prized for their tannin levels and other complexities that once fermented, give the cider character. Comparable to wine grapes vs table grapes to make a quality wine, cider apples are required to to craft a cider with complexity, full mouthfeel, and a rich finish. These varieties have great names like Kingston Black, Porters Perfection, Bulmers Norman, or Dabinette.

So what does “The BX Press” mean? Put simply, our farm is nestled into the beautiful “BX” area of the North Okanagan, BC, Canada. We press apples and craft the delicious juice into high quality sparkling cider. Hence, “The BX Press”.

The BX Press Cidery & Orchard makes The Wrangler Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Awards & Achievements for this Fruit / Vegetable Beer