X-6 Approachaberry Cider by Elite Brewing & Cidery in Alberta, Canada
Elite Brewing & Cidery

X-6 Approachaberry Cider

5.9% ABV • IBU 3

About X-6 Approachaberry Cider by Elite Brewing & Cidery

This 6 berry cider is pink in color, a mix of tart and sweet, an array of mild fruit notes, dry hopped and nicely balanced. Named after the Convair X-6 which was a proposed experimental aircraft project to develop and evaluate a nuclear-powered jet aircraft. The project was to use a Convair B-36 bomber as a testbed aircraft, the program was canceled before the actual X-6 and its nuclear reactor engines were completed. The X-6 was part of a larger series of programs, costing US$7 billion in all, that ran from 1946 through 1961. 

Craft. Glory & Country. Calgary’s Military History Themed Brewery.

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