YCH CY21 IPA by Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minnesota, United States

About YCH CY21 IPA by Fair State Brewing Cooperative

CY21 stands for “Crop Year 2021,” which means Fair State brewers officially dug into the freshest of the fresh hop pellets out there. Yet another in their ongoing series of experimental IPAs with their friends at YCH Hops, CY21 heavily features this year’s Cryo Pop blend of the juiciest, tropical-iest hops out there. Some of you may remember this blend last year from Flavor Pop Technology, as well. Mango, pineapple, citrus, stonefruit, and a whiff of dankness somewhere in the background to tie it all together.

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits, peach, a hint of banana (if we’re lucky), grapefruit rind, low bitterness.

The cooperative's membership is currently over 2000 and growing every day.