Yellowhead Premium Lager by Yellowhead Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Yellowhead Premium Lager by Yellowhead Brewing Company

Yellowhead Premium Lager is exclusive to Edmonton. Currently Yellowhead Brewing Company does not bottle their beer or sell in liquor stores. The best way to experience their beer is either at one of Yellowhead's licensee locations or have your own Growler filled to enjoy at home.

A light golden-amber, Yellowhead Premium Lager is alive with a gentle effervescence, the result of their natural carbonation process. Led by aromas of mild hops and fresh grass, the lager is crisp with gentle malt sweetness and a subdued bitterness on the palate. This will appeal to those who value a consistently high quality product, enjoys a beer with their meal, and appreciates a local Canadian product.

Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Yellowhead Brewery Company provides one of Canada's finest micro brewed beers, Yellowhead Premium lager.

Yellowhead Brewing Company makes Yellowhead Premium Lager Dortmunder / Export Lager