Yippee IPA
Picaroons Traditional Ales

Yippee IPA

New Brunswick, Canada
6.5% ABV • IBU 85 • SRM 10

First brewed in 2006 before the days of this whole IPA cRaZe. The name Yippee IPA actually existed before the beer was ever brewed. We knew we needed a solid IPA to back that solid name and thus Picaroons’ first entry into the IPA world was born. *Label Drawing by Tom Giberson


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Aged cheddar cheese, Indian dishes (Chicken Tikka Masala, Samosas), Mexican Dishes (Burritos, chilli-stuffed peppers, quesadillas, etc.), Jerk chicken, Cajun – jambalaya, gumbo, Prime rib, Thai dishes, DONAIRS ***Beware, eater: spice + hops + alcohol = more spice! Go for a maltier beer of looking to douse the heat (DSN, MBF, Brown…)