ZOZ n°3 Golden by Brasserie 35 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Brasserie 35

ZOZ n°3 Golden

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
7.2% ABV

About ZOZ n°3 Golden by Brasserie 35

Already for those people who seek new experiences and want to sharpen their senses, we have created a line of tasty and balanced beers - striking, but without excess. It is a sensitive experience that we propose through tastes and that comes from the way beer is produced, matured and packaged by our breweries. The concept of intensity is in everything involving ZOZ - a drink to feel and not only drink. We work hard to provide you with a rewarding experience from start to finish. ZOZ is our line of unpasteurised beers, presented in 750ml and 330ml bottles and, unlike the Chopp35, can be found in the vicinity of the factory. ZOZ has four flavors with very peculiar characteristics and a seasonal one, which will reveal every season of the year a novelty through its colors and flavors.

Made by Brasserie 35

A history that already begins with a lot of tradition.

Awards & Achievements for this Belgian Strong Pale Ale