Zwarte by Townsite Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Zwarte by Townsite Brewing

Don’t let the colour fool you, this is a citrusy summer sipper with zest. The addition of midnight wheat to the mash adds a layer of bready notes to this otherwise light and tangy Belgian Witbier.

Earlier this year Cédric teamed up with Parallel 49 Brewmaster, Graham With, to make a black Saison. This collaboration led directly to this new brew. “I really got a kick out of adding midnight wheat to the mash” says Cédric, ”it just gives the beer an amazing colour without affecting too much the flavour profile. Its perfect for giving a bit of depth to a summer beer like Wit”.

A craft brewery in the historic Townsite district of Powell River, BC

Townsite Brewing makes Zwarte Belgian Dark Ale