American Amber / Red Ale Beers

Bancroft Brewing Co.

Rusty Husky

Broadhead Brewing Company

Amber Ale

Hop Nation Brewing Co.

The Buzz American Red

Mad River Brewing

Jamaica Red Ale

Off Grid Ales

Campfire Red Ale

Tobermory Brewing Co. & Grill

Fire Ban

Ô Quai Des Brasseurs

La Barbe Rousse

Microbrasserie Lion Bleu


Four Rivers Brewing Co.

Havre St-Pierre

Central Waters Brewing Company

Brewer's Reserve Call Me Old Fashioned

Limited Release
Central Waters Brewing Company

Ouisconsing Red Ale

Troubled Monk Brewery

Rebels Red Red Ale

Thirsty Street Brewing Company

Rimrock'd Amber

948 Brewing Company

Rail Crossing Red

Purity Brewing Co.

Pure UBU

Motor City Brewing Works

Double Dark Red

Witch's Hat Brewing Company

Royal Rumble Imperial Red Ale

Microbrasserie de Tadoussac

Buse à queue rousse

GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co.

Bighead Amber

Maybee Brew Co.

Roseway Red

11 Comtés

Oscar DHU

Ras L’Bock

La Barbe Bière

Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery

Twa Dogs Parting Kiss Bourbon Barrel Ale

Trans Canada Brewing Co.

Amber Ale

Trans Canada Brewing Co.

Lamp Lighter Amber Ale

Trans Canada Brewing Co.

American Amber Ale

Flying Boats Brewing

Stagecoach Amber Ale

Stone Angel Brewing Co.

Red Hopped By Two

Microbrasserie L'Alchimiste

Rousse Douce

Le Grimoire Microbrasserie


Hugger Mugger Brewing Company

Trick in a Box Crackerjack Amber Ale

Los Muertos Brewing

Agava Maria

Sharp's Brewery

Doom Bar Amber Ale


Red Ale

Cervecería Monstruo de Agua

Liebre Lunar

M.I.A. Beer Company


Cerveza Juguete

Carrito Rojo

Chikilla Craft Beer


Espantapájaros Brewery

American Amber Ale

Common Space Brewery

B.F.R. Double Red Ale

Cervecería Artesanal Amalias

Amalias Tezontle

Dual Citizen Brewing Company


Baja Brewing Company

Pelirroja Amber Ale

Cervecería Aguamala


Cervecería Aguamala

Marea Roja Red IPA

Wendlandt Cerveceria

Harry Polanco Red Ale

Wendlandt Cerveceria

Humpy Humpy Amber Ale

Wild Rose Brewery

Stonegate Red Ale

Wild Rose Brewery

Yeah Baby! Red Ale

Limited Release
New Main Brewing Co.

End of Summer Ale

Union Bear Brewing Co.

UB Amber Ale

Tool Shed Brewing Company

Cow Killa

Prairie Dog Brewing

Gunnison's Red Ale

Prairie Dog Brewing

California Common

Paddy's Barbecue & Brewery


Last Best Brewing and Distilling

Red Velvet Beer

Limited Release
Last Best Brewing and Distilling

Dream Big, Dream Brew

Limited Release
Inner City Brewing

The Corner of Here & There

Elite Brewing & Cidery

Regal Reserve Red Wheat Ale

Buffalo Commons Brewing Company

Rusty Red Ale

Edwinton Brewing Company

Cowcatcher Amber

Bird Dog Brewing

Hunter's Amber

Big Rock Brewery

Buzzard's Breath Ale

Hawk Tail Brewery

Amber Ale

Backwoods Brewing Company

Big Cedar IRA

Backwoods Brewing Company

Copperline Amber

Left Coast Brewing Company

Red Tide Belgian

Elevation 66 Brewing Company

Ramble Tamble

Scriptown Brewing Company

Muddy Mo Amber Ale

Mississippi Brewing

Red Headed Step Child

Frankenmuth Brewery

Old Detroit Amber Ale

Peace Tree Brewing Co.

Red Rambler

Mistress Brewing Company

Caught Red Handed

Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company

Copperhead Ale

Back East Brewing Company

Back East Ale

Altamont Beer Works

Dub Red

Altamont Beer Works

Canja Juice

Altamont Beer Works

Rich Mahogany

Working Man Brewing Company


Bridge Brew Works

The Blunt

Dark City Brewing Company


Persephone Brewing Company

Dark Cherry Amber Ale

Limited Release
Bucket Brigade Brewery

Axe Head Amber Ale

Old Kan Beer Co.

RKTLV (Rocket Love)

The Dudes' Brewing Company

Blood Orange

North End Tavern & Brewery

Roedy's Red

Mountain State Brewing Co.

Almost Heaven Amber Ale

Memphis Made Brewing Co.


Oxbow Brewing Company

Space Cowboy

Marda Loop Brewing

Red Trolley Amber

Tuque de Broue

Gougounes Rousses

Three Ranges Brewing

Ram's Head Amber Ale

Long Hop Brewing Co.

Long Hop Red Ale

Bad Dog Brewing Company

‘Old Red’ Ale

Kiitos Brewing

KiiTOS Amber Ale

Big Beaver Brewing

Red Ale

Dunvegan Brewing Company

Alberta Amber Ale

Mac & Jack's Brewery

African Amber Ale

Oshlag Brasserie & Distillerie

Chêne Rouge

Norse Brewery

Red Ale

Brasserie Docteur Gab's


The Garlic Farm

Black Garlic Beer

New Ontario Brewing Company

Tree Topper Red Ale

Bent Stick Brewing

Wizard Device

Southern Prohibition Brewing

Mississippi Fire Ant

Lost Craft Beer


Microbrasserie de L'ile d'Orleans

Éléonore de Grandmaison

Microbrasserie de L'ile d'Orleans

Suzanne Marceau

Clare Valley Brewing Co.

Red Ale

Bow River Brewing

High Country Amber

Bad Weather Brewing Company

Windvane Red IPA

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Louie’s Cherry Bounce

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Louie's Resurrection

Elite Brewing & Cidery

Red Army Red Ale

Lake on the Mountain Brewing Company

150 Canada Red

Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery

Twa Dogs Seas Between Us Red IPA

Le Bilboquet Microbrasserie


Skookum Brewery

Amber's Hot Friend

Stone Angel Brewing Co.

Roter Hase

Old Yale Brewing

River Valley Amber

Dead Frog Brewery

Red Rum Spiced Ale

Brouwerij Het Anker

Gouden Carolus Ambrio

Allagash Brewing Company


Telegraph Brewing Company

Obscura Vulpine

NoCoast Beer Co.

Make Waves

Falling Sky Brewing

Retrograde Red Ale

Reuben's Brews

Life on Mars

Freetail Brewing Company

Vader Saber

Ferme Brassicole des Cantons

La Sweep Red IPA

Infamous Brewing Company


RoHa Brewing Project

Maltese Cross

Waconia Brewing Company

255 Amber Ale

Barrel Mountain Brewing

Ash Cloud Amber

Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company


Garrison Brewing Company

Courage - For Gord Downie

Tusket Falls Brewing Company

Roche De Viande

Lazy Bear Brewing

Gut View Amber Ale

Category 12 Brewing

Mainframe Red Ale

Apex Predator Brewing

Apex Predator Red Ale

Red Bison Brewery

Dog's Best Friend Session Amber

Bent Stick Brewing

Spring-Heeled Jack

Rocky View Brewing Company

Amber Ale

Belly Hop Brewing

Belgian Amber

Grain Bin Brewing Company

Red Willow

Born Colorado Brewing

Autumn Amber

Folding Mountain Brewing

Elevation Imperial Red

Innis & Gunn

Blood Red Sky

Bozeman Brewing Company

The Great One Double Red

Ice Harbor Brewing Company

Runaway Red Ale

Draught Works


Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company

Ross Creek Red

Bozeman Brewing Company

Bozone Amber Ale

Edge Brewing Company

Edge Amber

William Street Beer Company

Red Sky Amber Ale

River Rat Brewery

Broad River Red Ale

Tree Brewing Company

Day Trippin' Copper Ale

Les Bières de la Nouvelle-France

Messagère Rousse

Luppolo Brewing Company

Northwest Red

Boxing Rock Brewing Company

Temptation Red Ale

Sleeping Giant Brewing Company

Mr. Canoehead

Brock St. Brewing Company

Amber Lagered Ale

Figueroa Mountain Brewing

Red Rock

StormBreaker Brewing

Good... Not Great

Bootstrap Brewing Company

Wreak Havoc

BentSpoke Brewing Co.

Red Nut

Faction Brewing

Faction Red

BNS Brewing & Distilling Company

Ole Prospector

Great Basin Brewing Company

Truckee River Red

Evans Brewing Company

Joaquin Dead Mexican Red Ale

Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord)


Snake Lake Brewing Company

Varsity Hall Red Ale

4th Meridian Brewing Company

Rig Up Red

Base Camp Brewing Company

New Wave Amber

Emmett's Brewing Company


Les Frères Houblon


Microbrasserie Pit Caribou

La Bonne Aventure

Austin Beerworks

Battle Axe

Perrin Brewing Company

Caesar's Gimp

Boise Brewing

Jagged Shard

Lone Tree Brewing Company

Vanilla Caramel Amber

Sunriver Brewing Company

Cinder Beast

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Columbia Street Amber

New Sarum Brewing

High Rock Red Ale

Real Ale Brewing Company

Bitchin Camaro

Real Ale Brewing Company

Red King

Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt

La Tignasse

Lake on the Mountain Brewing Company

English Ale

Bayern Brewing


Wold Top Brewery

Headland Red

Microbrasserie du Lac St. Jean


Funky Buddha Brewery

Fuhgeddaboudit Red Ale

Funky Buddha Brewery

Fire In The Hole

Brasserie Vrooden


Crossroads Brewing Company

Brick Row Red

Eel River Brewing Co.

Amber Ale

Claremont Craft Ales


Wichita Brewing Company

5:03 Imperial Red Ale

Wichita Brewing Company

5:02 Amber

Masthead Brewing Company

Midwest Red IPA

ColdFire Brewing Company

St. James

Auburn Alehouse

Hop Donkey

Currahee Brewing Company

Burningtown Belgian Amber

Stony Creek Brewery

Snow Hole

Stony Creek Brewery


The Brewery of Broken Dreams

Old Antics

Drake's Brewing Company

Jolly Rodger Ale

Limited Release
Zero Issue Brewing

Belgium Red

Sly Fox Brewing Company

Belgian Brunette

Second Street Brewery

Southern Hemisphere Red

No-Li Brewhouse

Yard Sale

No-Li Brewhouse

Spin Cycle Red

No-Li Brewhouse


Right Brain Brewery

Chubby Squirrel

Limited Release
Right Brain Brewery

Cherry Pie Whole

Limited Release
Right Brain Brewery

Northern Hawk Owl

River Horse Brewing Company

Special Ale

Refuge Brewery

West Coast Red

Town Square Brewing Co.

Forged Rye Amber Ale

515 Brewing Company

Undead Red

Triton Brewing Company

Magnificent Amber

Marble Brewery

Imperial Red

Marble Brewery

Red Ale

Alvarado Street Brewery

Local Shred Red

Full Sail Brewing Company


Full Sail Brewing Company

Amber Ale

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

Big Mama Red

Goldwater Brewing Company


Springfield Brewing Company

Hop Lobster

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

Victorville Red

Galveston Island Brewing

Blue Bridge Amber Ale

Second Chance Beer Company

Legally Red

Copper Club Brewing Company

F-Town Amber

Second Street Brewery

Amber Ale

Second Street Brewery

Anniversary Ale