Irish Red Ale Beers

40 Arpent Brewing Company

Red Bean Ale

Adirondack Brewery

Ryan's Irish Red

Alameda Brewhouse

St. Brigid Irish Red

Alpine Beer Company

Irish Red

Apex Predator Brewing

Soulless Wonder (Cask)

Artifex Brewing Company

Bog Trotter

Auburn Alehouse

McFord's Irish Red Ale

Barley Brown's Beer

Point Blank Red

Barnaby Brewing Company


Barnhouse Brewery

Banshee Irish Red

Beau's Brewing Company

Strong Patrick

Big Rock Brewery

McNally's Extra

Bitter Sisters Brewing

Knock Out

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery

Oud Jeremiah Red Ale

Black Cloister Brewing Company

Rose Of Shannon

Black Tooth Brewing Company

Bomber Mountain Amber

Boulevard Brewing Company

Irish Ale

Brasserie La Chouape Brewing Co.

Rousse Bio

Brasseurs du Monde


Breton Brewing Co.

Red Coat Irish Red

Brew Republic Bierwerks


Brewsters Brewing Company

Lanigan's Irish Ale

Caravel Craft Brewery

Dead Ahead Irish Red

Carlow Brewing Company

O'Hara's Irish Red

Cassel Brewery

Lil' Red Steamer

Center of the Universe Brewing Co.

Bald Irishman

Chafunkta Brewing Company

Bayou Blaze

Cold Garden Beverage Company

Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump

Comrade Brewing Company


Confluence Brewing Company

Imogene Red

Covered Bridge Brewing

Seoirse the Great

Craig Street Brewpub

Shawnigan Irish Ale

Crannog Ales and Left Fields

Gael's Blood Potato Ale

Crannog Ales and Left Fields

Red Branch Irish Ale

Deep Creek Brewing Company

Leprechaun's Belle

Diamond Bear Brewing Company

Irish Red

Drekker Brewing Company

Broken Rudder

Eddyline Brewery

Irish Red Ale

Federation of Beer

Vulcan Ale

Franciscan Well Brewery

Rebel Red

Galway Bay Brewery

Bay Ale

Garrison Brewing Company

Garrison Irish Red Ale

Gilgamesh Brewing

O'Doyle Rules!

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Conway's Irish Ale



Hailstorm Brewing Company

South Side Irish Red

Harpoon Brewery and Beer Hall

Celtic Red

Hell's Basement Brewery

Red Shed

Hub Town Brewing Co.

Blas Irish Red Ale

Idle Hands Craft Ales

Chieftain 15

Innocente Brewing Company

Inn O'Sláinte

Jasper Brewing Company

Fire Engine Red Ale

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Red Trolley Ale

Koholā Brewery

Red Sand

Kulshan Brewing Company

Red Cap Irish Style Red

Lone Tree Brewing Company

Red Ale

Maxline Brewery

Irish Red

MickDuff's Brewing Company

Irish Redhead

Microbrasserie Le BockAle


Microbrasserie Le BockAle

La Rouge

Mill Street Brewery

Bob's Bearded Red

Moylan's Brewery & Restaurant

Irish Style Red Ale

Nebraska Brewing Company

Farrell’s Irish Red

Newport Storm Brewery

Spring Irish Red Ale

Northwest Peaks Brewery

Redoubt Red

Old Bust Head Brewing Co.


Oliver Brewing Company

Irish Red

Orange Snail Brewers

Rattle 'n' Nemo

Packinghouse Brewing Company

Riley's Irish Red

Pelican Brewing Company

Sea’N Red

Picaroons Traditional Ales

Irish Red

Propeller Brewing Company

Irish Red Ale

PT's Brewing Company

Sean Patrick's Red

Pump House Brewery

Fire Chief's Red Ale

Resurgence Brewing Company

Irish Breakfast Ale



Roquemont Microbrasserie


Royal City Brewing Company

Remembrance Red Ale

Russell Brewing Company

Luck of the Irish

Saltbox Brewing Company

Jeezus Murphy

Second Chance Beer Company


Shannon Brewing Company

Bourbon Barrel Aged Irish Red

Sly Fox Brewing Company

Seamus' Irish Red Ale

Start Line Brewing Company

Craic Irish Red Ale

Stone and Wood Brewing Company

Jasper Ale

Swamp Head Brewery

Hoggetowne Irish Red

Talisman Brewing Company

Bel's Fury

The Bushwakker Brewpub

Dungarvon Irish Red

The Publican House Brewery

Henry's Irish Ale

The Tap Brewing Company


Tool Shed Brewing Company

Red Rage

Vintage Brewing Company


Wallace Brewing Company


Wayfarers' Ale Society

Ruby Ale

Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House

Fighting Irish Red Ale