About 5 Stones Artisan Brewery

5 Stones Artisan Brewery is dedicated to brewing unique and flavorful beers. Our Ur-beer, the one that started it all, is now known as Aloha Piña, and is a golden ale brewed with pineapple and a wallop of locally-grown jalapeños. Our focus is on creatively-brewed beers and rely on seasonal produce and fruits as well as interesting spices to augment our brews. We release a variety of beers to a loose seasonal schedule and are beholden to nothing other than pleasing the taste buds of adventurous beer drinkers. 

5 Stones is based in Cibolo, TX, near San Antonio, and our beers are presently in limited distribution around the State.

“As a brewer, I’ve never been drawn to just standard styles, and my inclination has always been to twist up recipes with natural produce, spices and herbs. In addition, I have not been interested in brewing a “flagship” year around beer either. I like to brew the way I like to enjoy beer, through the seasons. There are breweries that make incredible beers out of those standard recipes and I support and drink them but it’s just not what interests me, creatively. I wanted to start a brewery with no loan, no partner and no investors, but I also didn’t want to push my entire life savings into the middle of the table to get started. So, I identified a number that I could manage, and we find ourselves in this Goldilocks situation, making the very most out of what we have."

"My goal, plain and simple, is to make exceptional beer, regardless of quantity. Whether that’s three barrel batches or 100 barrel batches, the main goal is to make interesting beer. I want 5 Stones to become a destination brewery for craft beer lovers and a ‘must-do’ on the Texas Beer Trail.” 

- Seth

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5 Stones Artisan Brewery Address

850 Schneider
Cibolo, Texas, United States

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+1 (210) 380-8215

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