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When our brew master, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen, was nominated “Beer Hound of the Year” by the Norwegian Brewery Association, one of the reasons was that he was “one of the founding fathers of the Norwegian beer revolution”. Gahr has won the Norwegian Homebrewers’ Championships several times, and is frequently found on beer expert test panels. He is also a very popular speaker on brewing subjects. He is passionate about beer and can talk for hours if asked about the different beers he brews. At his side as head brewer is Torvald Storaas


The City Among the Seven Mountains, the  capital of Western Norway. A city characterized by patriotism, passion and a hint of the un-Norwegian. Bergen (earlier “Bjørgvin”, Norway’s capital) has a rich history and proud beer traditions. The little street Øvregaten reportedly housed 300 bars in its heyday. It is our goal at 7 Fjell to relight the fires of the old brewing traditions. Our aim is uncompromising quality, and we strive for perfection in every taste. “Less industry, more passion” is our mantra.

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American IPA

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