About Aass Bryggeri

The name Aass Brewery is derived from the family surname Aass. It can be translated to the English word “hill”.

Aass Brewery have been running non-stop since 1834 through town fires and wars. First founders was Halvor Ellingsen and Ole Pehrson. It started as a trade house with brewing as a side business, but now, brewing is the main activity and has been for a over a decade. Since 1864 it has been run by the Aass family, and still is a purely family owned company.

Through the years the brewery have gone from generation to generation and been developed with new buildings, new equipment and a continuous development within products and distribution methods. Everything done at the same property by the river in Drammen. Shares are today divided among a little over 100 shareholders, all descendants of the founder Poul Lauritz Aass.

Beers made by Aass Bryggeri

Aass Pinta Pineapple

Limited Release Fruit / Vegetable Beer

Seidel Pils

Czech Pilsner

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+47 32 26 60 00

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