About Andina Brewing Company

When we thought about what we really are passionate about, the way we wanted to do it, and with whom we wanted to share it with, that is how we envisioned the creation of Andina Brewing Company! And who better than his originator Nicolas Amaya, to tell the story:

“I always liked beer and when we came to Canada in 1998, the array of brands available was extensive, I started on a quest to find my favourite. When I came across my first craft beer, a pumpkin ale, I was completely blown away. I couldn’t believe that there was a beer that tasted like liquid pumpkin pie, with all the flavour and spices. I realized that there were many other craft beers that I hadn’t tried, so I bought different brands and started learning about flavours and styles. After a while, I went to a brewery and discovered IPAs. I was hooked.

Inevitably when I started into craft beer, I got my brother Andres involved too. At the time he wasn’t a big beer drinker, he preferred wine or whiskey, but after a while he enjoyed them and we started to talk about buying a home brewing system. I guess it was a natural result of this journey that, when we started thinking of creating our own business together, I had the inspiration of opening a brewery. By then my quest to find really good craft beer had become my passion. I remember one night talking to my brother about how crazy the craft beer movement was getting with all these breweries opening, so I said, ‘Well, let’s open our own!’ He told me immediately that it was an amazing idea but  we didn’t know how to make beer; we loved to drink it, we knew about the different styles of beer, but that was it. My response was that it didn’t matter because we could hire someone. I was going to start making my own beer at home to learn anyway, but we could skip that step, hire a brewer and open our own. He was immediately on board and we started researching how to do it the proper way.

After securing the necessary—but never enough—funding, we hired a consultant firm and it was a very smart investment. They really helped us to make this project viable with good insight and guidance. Luckily our wives were on board as well and immediately became involved offering their professional skills to get the idea going. Later we found the perfect location and hired an experienced and talented Head Brewer. And that is how after three years of hard work, sacrifices, and challenging but rewarding moments, our passion for craft beer became our family business”.

Beers made by Andina Brewing Company

Brumosa 8: Hazy IPA Enigma

Limited Release American IPA

Frida Kahlo Lavender Lager

Limited Release American Adjunct Lager

Fruit Punch Sour

Limited Release American Wild / Sour Ale

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Stout

Limited Release Oatmeal Stout

Ay Ay Ay

American Pale Ale (APA)


English Pale Mild Ale


American IPA


American Amber / Red Ale



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+1 (604) 253-2400

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