History of LA Brewing

SEPT 4, 1781

City of Los Angeles is founded


Philadelphia Brew House Brewery is established near Union Station


German immigrants Joseph Maier and George Zobelein buy the Philadelphia Brew House Brewery and rename it “Maier & Zobelein Brewer”


Zobelein puchases Maier & Zobelein Brewery, renames it the LA Brewing Brand Beer

JAN 16, 1919

The Volstead Act is passed, starting Prohibition

MAR 22, 1933 

21st Amendment is passed, ending Prohibition


Employees at Acme Brewery located at 2104 East 49th St., Los Angeles, earned $1.63 an hour (which includes 8 hours overtime brewing beer for the war effort)


Eastside Brand Beer and LA Brewing Co. are sold to Pabst


Classic Distributing and Beverage Group, Inc. is founded


Michael Bowe, an award winning homebrewer, founds Angel City


Bowe purchases an 8,000 barrel German-­made brewery in Alpine Village off e-­Bay

SEPT 22, 2010

Bowe moves Angel City Brewery to the John A. Roebling building in the Art  District of downtown LA

MAR 15, 2011

Angel City opens their taproom

JAN 5, 2012

Alchemy and Science acquires Angel City Brewery

May 4, 2013

Angel City hosts Heritage Festival, the official grand opening celebration