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In the fall of 1995, the co-founders of Stone Brewing, Greg Koch & Steve Wagner, were working to perfect the recipe for Stone Pale Ale. Only something went wrong… or more accurately; intensely right. Call it a recipe malfunction or divine enlightenment; Greg and Steve knew something special awaited them after a bit of time and fermentation. The brewers tried their aggressively flavored invention and reacted accordingly, “Wow!...Yeah. Hmm. Oh! Oh…hell yeah! What are we going to do with a beer like this? Nobody is going to be able to handle it.”

The beer haunted the brewers. It told them what its name should be. Said Greg, “We did not create it. I did not name it. It was already there. We were just the first mortals to have stumbled upon it. Steve was the first to discover how to brew the beer and I was the first to realize what its name already was.”

And on November 1, 1997, Arrogant Bastard Ale was finally released into the world. A beer unlike any other at the time.


Massively successful and arrogant as ever, Arrogant Bastard officially split from Stone Brewing in 2015 under his own brewing moniker, Arrogant Brewing, to accelerate his assault on those guilty of macro-industry deceit by perpetrating their heinous crimes against ales and lagers of true quality and depth. 

The modern incarnation of Liquid Arrogance will no longer be contained to a single libation, but rather head an entire brewery dedicated to aggressive beers that require taste and sophistication to enjoy. Maybe you’ve heard of those things, but probably not.

To drink one of the many forms of Liquid Arrogance brewed by Arrogant Brewing is to escape the surly bonds of mediocrity and taste pure sophistication, crafted to standards that the vast majority of “beer” brewed on this planet can never hope to attain.

Here, Arrogant Brewing revels in the uncompromising celebration of integrity. If you don’t like the beers, keep it to yourself–the Arrogant Bastard doesn’t want to hear from the sniveling wimps of mediocrity. This beer wasn’t made for you. You’re not worthy.

Beers made by Arrogant Consortia

Double Bastard

Limited Release American Strong Ale

Enter Night Pilsner

American Double / Imperial Pilsner

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (760) 294-7899

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