About Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs

Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs was born in 2016 from the joint imaginations of two young men determined and talented, tortured at times, but no less crisp: Renaud Gouin and Shawn Duriez.

Bringing together all the necessary qualities to give birth to a major brewing phenomenon, they first courted a little timidly then, noting the almost perfect match of their ambitions and the complementarity of their personal abilities, have united. Today they hold the galloping reindeer of a hypothetical empire of fermentation and claim with optimism that, I quote: "the fruit of our genius is absolutely ripe and its flesh supple and pulpy. Its assimilation by the human of tomorrow will be great, and its digestion will bathe a dazzling light and warm future civilizations.

In addition to time and space, their only constraint is to create what they want. So they go from beer to beer according to the seasons, patiently materializing their vision of a better world.

Beers made by Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs

Archipel d'Hochelaga

Limited Release Euro Pale Lager

Ippon Aki No Seishin Imperiale

Limited Release American Brown Ale

30 Rousse Mild XXX Ale

English Dark Mild Ale

Cool Cool

American IPA


American IPA

Haute Bohème

Euro Pale Lager

Ippon Gingembre Sancho

Herbed / Spiced Beer

Le Funk Et La Furie

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Les Vivants

English Bitter

Mr. Brown

English Brown Ale

Nocturne Coco

American Porter

Rouge Framboise

American Wild / Sour Ale

Une Saison en Enfer

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Voyage Voyage

American Porter

Ippon Aki No Seishin

Seasonal American Brown Ale

Brewery Contact

Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs Address

2350 Rue Dickson
Montréal, Québec, Canada

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