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Most of you Bad Apple fans are familiar with our Mosaic DIPA, but what might be news is that due to an on going trademark dispute the Bad Apple Brewhouse is now also brewing beer as the Mosaic Brewing Co.

In 2012 the name Bad Apple Brewhouse was registered with the Registry of Joint Stocks. In 2013, the domains badapplebrewhouse.ca, badapplebrewhouse.com, and badapplebrewing.ca were purchased , and our website was launched. In 2014, 2 years after we started operating as the Bad Apple Brewhouse a very un-affiliated ferment on site operation in Ontario calling themselves the Bad Apple Brewing Company came along and trade marked their name. Shortly after, they notified us stating we were infringing on their trademark and threatened to sue us for the use of the name Bad Apple Brewhouse. We met with the owner and attempted to come to an arrangement that would allow us to continue using the name. It quickly became apparent to us that more research had gone into trademark laws than brewing, and we were unable to come to an agreement.

The good news? Because we properly registered our business here in Nova Scotia the trademark infringement doesn't stand. The bad news? We are no longer allowed to sell beer outside of Nova Scotia as Bad Apple Brewhouse, hence the birth of the Mosaic Brewing Co.

Here at Bad Apple Brewhouse (and the Mosaic Brewing Co.) we are too busy brewing mind blowing-ly good beer to let these guys ruin a good thing. Although they tried to squeeze obscene amounts of money from us just to use the name we had been using years before they came along, we are going to work around that little problem and keep doing what we do best, brewing great craft beer with an attitude.

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