About Battle River Brewery

Beer is about the ingredients. All you need is malt, water, hops and yeast. Put them together in the right way and you have something fantastic. Simple. Pure. Good. Beer.

That is what BRB is all about: quality ingredients and an attention to detail. For the first - and arguably the key - ingredient, BRB didn't have to go far. Alberta has world-class barley. Seriously, Alberta barley farmers can go toe-to-toe, row-for-row with any barley growers worldwide! BRING IT ON FRANCE! Battle of the Barley! Loser has to leave town! No holds barred! Ok…deep breath…sorry…got carried away…where were we? Ah yes…quality ingredients.

It is no coincidence that Alberta’s craft beer industry is exploding. Dark or light. Raw or roasted. Alberta barley is the foundation that sets Alberta beer apart and BRB wouldn’t think of having it any other way. We love our Alberta barley like we hope you’ll love your BRB. Beyond the world-class barley, BRB ensures a crispness by using Alberta's water and the right mix of yeast and hops to bring it all together.

We recognize that there are a lot of ways to assemble these four ingredients and there is a lot of beer-geekery going on and others lovingly craft brews of all colours and flavours, while doing a fantastic job of explaining the floral notes, grapefruit peel, pine needle, banana, or black currant flavours and aromas in every one of them. But that isn’t what you’ll get from BRB. We aren’t in this to see if we can make our Hoppy McHopface triple extra strong IPA peel the taste buds clean off your tongue (although if we do make an IPA that strong, we are totally calling it Hoppy McHopface).

If we haven’t said it enough our aim is this: Good. Simple. Beer. The biggest compliment anyone can give BRB is a simple statement of, “What does BRB taste like? It tastes like I want a second BRB.”

Beers made by Battle River Brewery

Kentucky Common

California Common / Steam Beer

Brewery Contact

Battle River Brewery Address

4720A 37 Street
Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Phone Number

+1 (780) 781-3715

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