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It was in 1857 when the 24-year-old brewer Hugo Bayerlein returned from Munich to his hometown of Bayreuth. He had his first brewing experience in southern Bavaria and wanted to set up his own brewery at home and create beer there according to his personal taste. On the Herzog, the hill west of the Red Main, he bought some land, applied for the construction of a malt house, brewing and cooling house and residential building, and began to brew beer. This type of brewery was unusual at the time, because every baker and restaurateur actually brewed their own barley juice. Thanks to modern technology and excellent cooling and storage facilities in the cellars under the brewery, the beer from the Bayreuth brewery quickly won over customers. The demand for Bayreuth beer increased rapidly and some of it was delivered to the neighboring state of Thuringia - which was very far at that time. The independent and, for the time, large private brewery thus became an integral part of the northern Bavarian beer landscape and a landmark of the city.

Sale and Conversion into a Stock Corporation

In 1872 Hugo Bayerlein sold the Bayreuth brewery to the bankers von Feustel, Wilmersdörfer and Riemann and the landowner Roth. They renamed the brewery into a stock corporation and sold the shares to Bayreuth families. That did not detract from the success of the Bayreuth brewery, on the contrary! 4The conversion into a stock corporation meant that almost all shareholders came from the hometown of the brewery. From day one, the new owners continued Hugo Bayerlein's quality strategy and kept investing in new, modern systems. This gave the brewery a new upswing and continued to grow vigorously. In 1934, the Bayreuth beer brewery was even the largest brewery in town.

Stock Brewery with Family Structures

In 1965, the Maisel brewery family with their Gebr. Maisel brewery, which is only 100 meters away, acquired a large package of shares and thus provided a positive impetus for the further development of our Bayreuth brewery. In this way, the Bayreuth beer brewery was able to maintain its independence, develop positively and enter into an optimally functioning cooperation with the neighboring family brewery. When the shares were taken over, it was agreed that both breweries should continue to act independently in the future. The remaining shares have since continued to be freely traded and are widely held by lovers and fans of our brewery.

With a large portion of foresight, the managers of our Bayreuth beer brewery and the Gebr. Maisel brewery decided in the 1960s to use our capacities together. It would have made little economic sense to continuously invest in the latest technology in two bottling plants and two brewhouses just 100 meters away. So the new location was jointly selected and the joint production facility was founded. This is still today in what was then the Main meadows, below our Bayreuth beer brewery and the old Maisel brewery. Our own master brewer Horst Weiß is responsible for the production of our beer specialties there.

Bottom-Fermented Beer Specialities

The foundation stone was laid back then so that both breweries can continue to operate independently on the market in the future. From now on, we and our master brewers concentrated on bottom-fermented beer specialties, such as AKTIEN Zwick'l Kellerbier or Bayreuther Hell. The Gebr. Maisel brewery focused on top-fermented beers, above all Maisel's Weisse. Both breweries with different competencies were able to develop successfully in parallel in one brewery and establish themselves in the beer market. The economic and technological success of the two breweries can still be traced back to their forward-looking action over 50 years ago. Our Bayreuther Bierbrauerei AG remains independent in its actions, loyal to its tradition and is run in the spirit of Hugo Bayerlein in the style of a classic family brewery.

Hans-Joachim Leipold has been the director of the Bayreuth brewery since 2017. It is important to him to lead our brewery into a secure future and to preserve tradition. He represents the Bayreuth beer brewery in public and runs it in the spirit of founder Hugo Bayerlein.

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