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In February 2016 three guys sat in the basement of a local bar seeking shelter from the ferocious snow storm that had descended upon Calgary. Sipping on beer brewed in tanks only a few feet away they found themselves pondering a question as old as time itself: "How are more people not drinking this delicious beer? It's literally right here in our own backyard!"

Baffled by this question, and motivated by their shared love for this nectar of the gods, the three beer-loving guys set-off on a journey to tell the world about a groundbreaking new industry that was quickly emerging on the Calgary landscape. What was once limited to only a select few friends & family of local home-brewers was now becoming available to the public - locally made, hand-crafted beer. And so, BeerGuysYYC was born. 

It is with great honour and passion we present to you the first annual YYCBeerWeek. A place where local brewers, chefs and Calgarian's alike can revel in the artisanal mastery of a world-class industry that lies on our very doorstep. Throughout the week your favourite local restaurants will be serving-up amazing eats, exclusively paired with locally brewed craft beer. Get out and try as many of these limited edition dishes while you can, with $1 from each meal going to local charity. Share your culinary experience on social media and vote for your favourite dishes, then join us June 9th as we celebrate the chefs & brewmasters who call this wonderful city home.

Enjoy, be safe, be proud! #YYCBeerWeek


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