About BentSpoke Brewing Co.

Canberrans know a thing or two about bending the rules. After all, we don’t make them – we leave that to the transients in the big house on the hill. Our forefathers selected Canberra as the site for the National Capital due in large part a critical ingredient in beer – a pristine water supply - and then quickly decreed prohibition on the territory. It didn’t take the locals long to bend that rule!

We continue this proud tradition to this day, making the most of our gorgeous water, turning it into fine brews, themselves not afraid of bending the rules of how beer and cider should be made, all with an absolute commitment to full flavor, and exceptional quality.

BentSpoke Brewing Co is the brainchild of Champion Australian brewer Richard Watkins and Tracy Margrain. The pair travelled the world drawing inspiration for their ideal brewpub. On June 6, 2014 BentSpoke threw its doors open to overwhelming support from the local community. 3000 litres of beer was served in the first week. 2 years and several awards later, with over 300,000 litres and 50 different beers and cider brewed, BentSpoke is firmly cemented in the Australian beer scene.

On the back of this success and support from the community, BentSpoke has begun its next chapter with the construction of a production scale Brewery in Canberra’s northern suburb of Mitchell. This will allow us to bring your favourite BentSpoke beers to your local pub, or bottleshop, ready for your next adventure. Get out there and bend a few spokes!

Beers made by BentSpoke Brewing Co.

Red Nut

American Amber / Red Ale

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+61 2 6257 5220