About Birrificio La Petrognola

Initially, the beer was brewed at home using minimal tools needed, a thermometer, a ladle and pot in which the mother of Roberto was once made the excellent fireplace soup. The consumption of beer is still restricted to lucky friends, who immediately appreciate the taste of original recipes using farro.

This enthusiasm pushed Roberto to purchase in 2005 the first “small” plant of 100 liters, enclosing the factory in a 4×4 room of the house and the fermentation room into an even smaller 2×2 m. room.

The first requests for product as well as pressing bureaucratic reasons lead to taking the first step toward a brewery. Roberto decided to invest and finally crown his dream shifting production to the historic former barn renovated ad hoc to accommodate new plants and definitely give rise to La Petrognola Brewery: a room with cooking facility of Austrian 500-liter and two 1,500 liter fermenters with a production capacity of 1000 liters per week, bottling manual closely and a small heated room for the second fermentation in the bottle ensure an annual production of 440 hl.

Beers made by Birrificio La Petrognola

Giusta Bionda

Euro Pale Lager

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+39 0583 60355

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