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Are you ready for beers turned up to 11? 

Have you ever felt like something was missing from your life? Have you thought it might be more beer? But not just any beer. Bold beer. Exciting beer! Beer you can follow from its’ inception until it’s right there in front of you, foam bubbles gently popping with lavish bursts of exquisite aroma.

You want beer brewed with intent. Beer that pushes the limits of what you thought possible. Fragrant delights of ethereal effervescence carried on a robust yet smooth backbone of succulent malty indulgence.

Fear no more, for your search has ended.

Join us on our magical ride where the beers are boombastic and the limit is unimportant.

We think beer is beautiful and deserving of all the love we can give it. It’s the perfect vessel for highlighting a smörgasmbord of exciting flavors and aromas. Craft beer has come a long way since it escaped the cold, vile clutches of the giant lizard people beer conglomerates and we want to help take it further. Our recipes are built on a solid foundation of science and deliberation in order to let our flavors shine and harmonize. All so we (including you) can keep enjoying our favorite drink the way we want to enjoy it.

Who we are

We’re just two guys who started thinking about beer once and then realised we couldn’t stop. So we revved up our viking longships and sailed abroad to study beer as a whole. Hlynur figured that beer had to be brewed so he went and studied chemistry with a focus on fermentation, writing a Master’s thesis on optimizing alcohol production in beer. This background allows us to understand how to brew beers with a solid base to build fun and exotic flavors on. Axel, on the other hand, figured that beer had to be sold so we could keep brewing, so he studied marketing. This gives us tools to offer our beers to you and allow you to take part in our journey toward an even brighter future for craft beer as a whole. Lofty proclamations aside, we’re just two guys that want to make the best beer possible and have fun along the way. We know we can’t do it without you, so we’d love for you to follow us along for a beer and a laugh.

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Reykjavík, Capital, Iceland

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+354 895 9549

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