About The Bragg Creek Brewing Company

The craft beer industry has evolved from its humble beginnings where local artisans and home brewers produced beer from local ingredients to a full fledged cultural movement where community, creativity, inclusiveness, and a focus on local histories accompany the beer making process and are expected by the consumer. It is at the core of this cultural movement where the central tenets of Bragg Creek Brewing Company reside. We believe that through a focus on creative recipes, partnerships within the local community, inclusion of all walks of life, and our creative spirit we can brew exceptional craft beer and serve as both a gathering place and a talisman for the people of Bragg Creek. Key to our vision as a gathering place is the idea of the trading post, which were integral in the settlement of the Canadian west, serving as localities that fostered the transfer of goods and services as well as facilitated endless discussion. Trading posts are woven into the fabric of the cultural history of the communities in which they reside, including Bragg Creek. In fact, the original trading post for the Bragg Creek community still rests on the cultural mile, some 90 years after its first inception. Its continued prominence in the community is a symbol of its cultural importance as well as the resiliency of the people of Bragg Creek who rallied to restore it after it was ravaged by flood in 2013. We strive to create another trading post of sorts, with a focus on the trade of local beer and other craft products and a place to gather and discuss the passions of the people of today, and beyond. Much like the current trading post, it is our dream that Bragg Creek Brewing Company will endure a century of passed time and slowly grow to be woven into the cultural history of Bragg Creek.

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Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada

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+1 (403) 836-7629

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