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To offer you beers with a unique taste to make every occasion a moment of pure escape.


Like any good story, that of the Brasserie Amiral relies on key characters. The one who got the idea to create a gin-style beer was Valérian Roy. Friendly bearded man passionate about gin from all over the planet, he is co-owner of the Gin Pub le Pourvoyeur dedicated to his passion. For a long time he pondered the idea of making a “gin beer”, of creating the first Gin Ale in the world, while looking for the right way to do it. We already knew Scotch Ale type beers, but we had to create this first type of beer. He told a friend about it, Patrick Cool, who had 10 years of experience in the microbrewery world. They brainstorm ideas, study the market, see if this type of beer exists and the answer is clear, no. Now all you have to do is create it. Nice challenge.

The guys invite Jean-François Lorrain and Benoît Gagnon into the adventure. The latter two are avowed epicureans and have been tempted for years to start a pub or a microbrewery. One has nearly 25 years of business experience as a leader of large Quebec companies, the other has been working on TV and radio for 30 years, enjoys the trust of the public and has developed a force for the image. branding and marketing.

Brasserie Amiral was born in the fall of 2016.

With their heads full of ideas and with a clear vision of what “gin-brewed beer” they want, the guys have to find a place and a team to brew the first tests of that beer for them. It is by working with Michael Jean from Brasserie Bockale that small test brews are made. The first tasting is surprising but it is not yet. There's still a little something missing to be closer to that coveted gin flavor. Valérian insists on changing a few things in the recipe and Michael and his team get back to work. A few days later, second tasting and it is the revelation. The beer offers fir aromas, is most pleasant to drink and leaves a “dry” side in the mouth like good old classic gins.

It's done… The Gin Ale is created.

Since then, Amiral has grown up and brews his beers in St-Hyacinthe in the facilities of the St-Luke Brewery, owned by master brewer Victor Lukoshius. Victor is our master brewer and his passion and experience ensure that Amiral's vision of taste and flavor is alive and fresh today in cans.

Brainstorms, tests, corrections, tastings and learning. All our beers have gone through the same process and the same rigor, in order to offer tasty, different and surprising products.

If the basic idea was to create the first GinAle in the world and simply be proud to see it in certain convenience stores, today with six beers on the market soon, Brasserie Amiral is present in more than 1,100 points of sale. in Quebec and ambitious to offer its products throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

Much of this success is yours. Thank you for choosing us, thank you for bringing us with you in your moments with family or friends, at the chalet, by the pool or on the terrace, for a birthday, to celebrate good news or just because it's Thursday evening and we'll tell each other, Thursday night is not boring.

Once again thank you and health.

Beers made by Brasserie Amiral

Amiral IPA

American IPA

Amiral NEIPA

American IPA


American IPA

Rum Ale

American Strong Ale

Amiral Gin Ale

Discontinued American Amber / Red Ale

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