About Brasserie de Saint-Omer

"After years of past experience to the wine sector within the Group Saint Arnould, a new activity would improve our understanding of the world of drink with the purchase of the Brasserie Artois. - since renamed Brasserie de Saint-Omer.

The Brasserie de Saint-Omer was born from a passion, the passion to innovate, to create qualities of beers with a base of simple and healthy raw materials. The mix of aromas developed by these materials such as hops and malts allow us to make multitudes of recipes identical to those of the great cooks.

My goal today is to share this passion with you and allow you to discover all the stages in the production of our beers, from brewing to packaging, beers that you will enjoy tasting with family and friends.

From fine northern beers, simple, sweet and thirst-quenching, brewed in the purest tradition of our local spirit, to the brews of our specials for which we are pleased to select the best caramel malts for your palate, down to our qualities of Abbey beers, brewed under an Abbey license, where our Master Brewer concocts quality based on Pure Malt.

It is an honor for me to welcome you today in our Brasserie combining tradition and modernity. I would like to involve the 160 Employees who participate every day through their skills in making our Dream of Brewing part of the continuity of our future projects, and thank my Son-in-law, Géry Pourbaix, who agreed to join our team to ensure the sustainability of the Company. "

Chairman and CEO

Beers made by Brasserie de Saint-Omer

Bière De Luxe

Euro Pale Lager