About Brasserie Mira

In order not to lose a drop of the wonderful properties of our beverages, we make them 100% at home.

From the crushing of the grains to the fermentation of the wort through the cooling, our brewers-hops operate their magic perched on the 16 vats of our large brewery.

Short circuit therefore, but great ambitions: thanks to our 1,000 m² dedicated to production, no less than 10,000 hecto-liters can flow out of our vats each year (i.e. the equivalent of 12,121,212 33 cl bottles per year !).

The brewery is also the laboratory where our wildest ideas ferment: maceration of botanicals, manufacture of beer jellies and distillation in atypical stills, for you we dare everything!

Because we go to the end of our projects, we bottle and label our products on site. As for the rest, it's up to you to write it down: you can taste them with us, or take them on a journey!

Beers made by Brasserie Mira

Brune No. 6

Belgian Dark Ale

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+33 6 76 09 46 33