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Their paths crossed twice rather than once. Frédéric and Josée followed separate paths for a long time, but life being well done, they met in 2013. At the same time, La Ferme Équa was in great change and the couple wanted to create a new project.

A trip to Ireland in 2016 inspires them deeply. Left with the idea of visiting classic places, they find themselves on the road to distilleries and now whisky enters their lives. Frédéric begins with a course in British Columbia to learn the basics of distillation. The following year, it was obvious that they had to go to school in Scotland. The small Ballindaloch distillery in the Speyside was a conclusive experience.

Upon their return, the Wilsy Distillery was born. Setting up the project was not easy. In addition, whisky taking 3 years before reaching maturity forced entrepreneurs to reassess their first stage of creation. The Brewery would therefore be the gateway to the world of alcohol for Wilsy.

Combining the world of alcohol and agriculture is a challenge. What Fred and Josée offer you today is finally a microbrewery but a whole microbrewery! It has the uniqueness to present you beers made from their maple.

Frédéric lived all his youth on the family farm. Professionally, he taught for several years and still pursues a career in finance.

Josée comes from the equestrian world and coaching. This complementarity allowed them to set up this completely unique project that you will enjoy discovering.

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Beers made by Brasserie Wilsy


American Pale Ale (APA)

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