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Home! A good feeling! The familiar environment in which you grew up as a child and teenager, the parents, friends and neighbors. The place where we fell in love with. Customs and habits in the family, which we sometimes remember melancholic. And which in turn give us the happiest moments when we experience them again. We Bischofshofer get warm to our hearts when we think of our homeland Regensburg. This unique city, this breathtaking district, with so much flair and character and the backdrop for the special moments in our lives. There are certain favorite places that have grown particularly close to our hearts.

With which you associate experiences that were created quite by chance and yet remembered. For example, with a bright one in hand on the Walhalla "unshake" the sunset and then talk to people who are now friends. Or ring in the weekend on the Danube with a view of the city silhouette after work has been done and feel this lightness, as if everything else is unimportant, at least for the moment. For us, our beers are inextricably linked to Regensburg. Our homeland, which still shapes us day after day and we in turn shape our beer. A sip of home feeling!

Beers made by Brauerei Bischofshof

Altvater Weißbierbock

Limited Release Weizenbock

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