About Brauerei Simon

In 1875, Johann Simon took over the Köbel property on Laufer Marktplatz, which was equipped with brewing rights as well as a butcher's and liquor law. He concentrated on brewing beer, which at this point already had a long tradition due to the communal brewing that is typical in Lauf. In the following years his son Georg and his grandson Karl Simon continued to run the business successfully.

In 1930 the growing brewery was relocated from the cramped property on the market square to the Urlas in Heroldstrasse. It was brewed in one of Lauf's communal breweries until 1957, when the company's own brewhouse was built. Back then, as now, the art of brewing a private brewery was always in the foreground and the Simon beer specialties found many friends.

True to the motto "Quality before Quantity",  only 3 types of beer are brewed all year round with the  "Simon Weissbier"  , the  "Simon Spezial"  and the  "Simon Hell" , and in the winter season the "Schwarze Kuni" , a dark, strong wheat beer  .

Whichever beer you drink, Simon Bier stands for traditional Franconian beer culture from the Nuremberg region.

Beers made by Brauerei Simon


Berliner Weissbier