About Brew Detroit

Located in the historic Corktown district of Detroit, Michigan, Brew Detroit operates in a 68,000-square-foot facility. Brew Detroit was incorporated in September 2012 and installed its BrewHouse and its canning and bottling lines in 2013, with the initial brewing and packaging beginning in early 2014. Brew Detroit’s 100-barrel brews are fermented in eleven 400 barrel fermentation tanks and two 200-barrel fermentation tanks. The 200-barrel tanks are primarily used for our customers’ seasonal brands throughout the year. After the centrifuge, the beer is moved to our 400- and 200- barrel brite tanks. Customers have the option of pasteurization and packaging into cans, bottles and kegs. Our facility consists of a keg cooler for kegs and a temperature-controlled section for finished cases of bottles and cans.

Beers made by Brew Detroit

Cerveza Delray

American Adjunct Lager

Cloud 19

American IPA

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+1 (313) 974-7366

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