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Founders Tom and Dave met in China on a rock-climbing tour around Asia. After hanging out on the rocks (literally!) and riding motorbikes around the Vietnamese islands and hilly borderlands between Laos and Myanmar they formed a solid friendship.


In April 2011, Dave returned from travelling after two years in the Antipodes, drinking craft beer and doing some basic home brewing. At the same time, Tom – an old friend of Toby from the Kernel – was trying their fruity IPAs and Pale Ales featuring some amazing new world hops from the US. They both independently decided this new scene was something they wanted to be involved in…

By August of that year Dave and Tom, committed to opening their own microbrewery, had secured the use of a friend’s basement on Southwark Bridge Road and built a simple home brew kit, where Tom also lived at the time! Through reading books on brewing, researching online, asking for advice from friends in the industry and helping out in breweries for free, Tom & Dave taught themselves to brew.


Though experimentation, they progressed quickly by splitting batches and performing different tests on them. The winner of these batches would be brewed again, and the process repeated to find original flavour combinations. The numbering system attributed to these early gave rise to their name - Brew By Numbers. In April 2012, they took their ‘Hoppy Saison’ to the staff at Craft Beer Co. Clerkenwell for their critique. This beer would later become 01|01 and would be critical in shaping BBNo’s place in the market - an unusual style no other UK breweries were offering regularly at that time.

In November 2012 they received permission from Southwark Council to brew beer for sale, and on December 1st hosted the official launch party of Brew By Numbers at The Craft Beer Co. in Clerkenwell.


Brew By Numbers has now released over 350 different beers across an expansive range of styles. We are best-known for our diversity: hoppy, modern saisons; mixed fermentation farmhouse ales; hazy, vibrant dark coffee beers, nitro stouts, highly-hopped pale ales & IPAs. Our beers are frequently described as bold, balanced and drinkable, regardless of style or strength. Thanks to the hard work of everyone across the company, Brew By Numbers has been ranked as one of the Top 100 Breweries in The World by RateBeer.

As well as helping lead the way for hazy East Coast pale ales in the UK, BBNo is also seen as a pioneer on issues such as the importance of freshness, beer cold storage, and continues to be a major influence on taproom culture in London. We are described as an exploratory brewery with a commitment to learning, thoroughness and excellence in whatever we do.

Beers made by Brew By Numbers

North vs. South: South

Limited Release American Wild / Sour Ale

South vs. North: South DDH IPA

Limited Release American IPA

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