About Bryan College Station Zoigl Brewery

The Bryan College Station Zoigl Brewery was conceived over the past few years by a group of friends that wanted to collaborate over something that brings everyone together: craft beer. We are each hobbyist homebrewers and the original ambition to create a shared brewery arose from a need for better brewing equipment. Homebrewing is a laborious task that, for many, begins with kitchen stove tops for cooking and ice baths for cooling. It is a lot of work but improvements can be made with sophisticated brewing equipment like gas kettles or immersion cooling systems. However, this equipment has a cost that would be prohibitively expensive for any one craft-brewer to invest in.

And so, we set out to organize a place for all.  When we started discussing our concept with friends we received an overwhelmingly positive response that exceeded the narrow scope of a taproom. Many were excited about participating in the project of starting a community brewery where artisan brewers could collaborate with minimal investment to test out new and exotic beer styles. Individual pubs and restaurants were intrigued about the opportunity to own their own label and still more, who were not brewers themselves, were enthusiastic about being able to taste all the great locally brewed beers we would be producing.

Brewery Contact

Bryan College Station Zoigl Brewery Address

211C W. Wm. J. Bryan Parkway
Bryan, Texas, United States

Phone Number

+1 (281) 935-3018

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