About Brygghuset Finn

Brygghuset Finn is an award-winning Scanian microbrewery based in Landskrona. The brewery was founded by the economist Joacim Larsen and the two engineers Petter Lindholm and Simon Frennberg, with the goal of making people feel as passionate about honest, locally produced craft beer as they are. At the end of October 2013, Brygghuset Finn's first craft beer was brewed in the swedish town Landskrona. Since then, many beers have seen the light of day, won coveted prizes and been enjoyed by many satisfied customers.

"The recipe for our brewery is to brew on curiosity and love for craft beer and microbrewery. The result is first class craft beer from Skåne."

The Legend of Finn

"It is the 12th century and the cathedral in Lund will be built. The city is ravaged by all the plagues imaginable. The poor priest in charge has to come up with a solution as soon as possible. 

As in all fairy tales, a helpful giant happens to walk by and see the misery of the city and the unfinished construction. He is kind enough to offer to help with building the church, even for free! But there's a catch. In order for the giant to help out, the priest must succeed in a task – to figure out the name of the giant. If the priest does not succeed, the giant threatens to take his eyes and give them as a gift to his children.

The priest accepts the agreement despite the high price of a possible failure. However, he has a long time to figure out the name of the giant. Cathedrals are not built in a day... But as giants always do, the giant works very fast and soon the most magnificent cathedral imaginable rises over the city. Out of fear and without a clue of what to do, the priest decides to take a walk in the surroundings to enjoy the nature one last time before the giant will take his sight away from him forever.

During his walk, he stumbles across a giant cave where he hears a giant woman's rough voice singing to a crowd of giant children: Tonight Daddy Finn will come home with the priest's eyes! The priest's heart skips a beat, but when he regains his composure, he runs toward the church faster than ever. Just as the giant is about to put the last stone in place, the priest shouts: Finn is your name!

The giant gets furious. Is he supposed to have built an entire church and not even get a pair of eyes for it? Giants are really bad at keeping their word and this is not an exception. The giant is enraged and decides to tear down the entire building to the ground. He climbs down from the tower, enters the church and into the crypt. In some mysterious way, the giant shrinks so he can enter through the church door. He grabs a stone pillar in the crypt and prepares to demolish the church. At the same moment the giant embraced the stone pillar, he was petrified - and there he still stands today."

Almost a thousand years have passed, the giant has not yet managed to demolish Lund Cathedral. What he has succeeded in doing, however, is to pass his name on to many streets, businesses and festivities in Skåne. So remember: Finn is your beer!

Beers made by Brygghuset Finn

Oyster Stout

American Double / Imperial Stout

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