About Busted Sandal Brewing

Sometime in mid-2001, two semi-sober guys were playing darts and drinking O. Henry's Porter at Waterloo Brewing in Austin, TX. Taking a moment to enjoy their beer and looking around to admire the "character" of the place, they lamented that a similar experience could not be found in San Antonio. At that moment, they vowed, as they had done a hundred times before, that they would open a place where a great beer experience could be had.

One of them would handle the kitchen, entertainment and the books, the other would handle brewing duties. As they traded "Wouldn't it be awesome if..." and "we should definitely...", they were unaware that Waterloo, their inspiration at the moment, would soon announce that they were closing their doors forever.

An undisclosed number of pints later, they exited, still rambling on about their blurred vision for a brewing establishment when one of them nearly tripped over an odd object in the parking lot. A single, well-worn and obviously unusable sandal. And that is when the moment of inspiration came. "We should form a band and call it Busted Sandal!" Busted Sandal, the band, never made it to the stage but the name lived on.

As we attempted to imagine the history behind that parking lot sandal, the image of it changed and it took on a personality all its own. This sandal lived life to the fullest. It was at backyard BBQs, combed the beaches of Jamaica, and could be found hiking in and around Enchanted Rock. It tubed down the Guadalupe, navigated the Great American Beer Festival, and was stepped on a hundred times at Oktoberfest. It was all about fun, family, friends and good times.

More than a decade later, a random conversation in a homebrewing shop sparked a series of events that re-kindled the idea of bringing a new brewing experience to San Antonio. This time, instead of a brewpub, the concept was reborn as a brewery. When it came time to choose a name, there was really only one name that would work for us. Super Awesome Mind Blowingly Delicious and Tasty Beer Brewing Company. But as it turns out, the name as already taken so we went with the fallback name. Busted Sandal Brewing Company.

Busted Sandal Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing beer that will bring the Busted Sandal experience to you and your friends. From favorite, standby styles, to inventive and fresh flavors, we want to be there when you form your life's greatest moments. From our tap to your glass, here's to living life to the fullest.

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+1 (210) 872-1486

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