Lots of folks are compelled to visit Caledon Hills. But we were compelled to make it our home. Well, we along with a mated pair of pileated woodpeckers that keep us company year round. Honestly, knowing we'd be neighbours with another family is part of what made the bit of land we chose for our brewery feel so special. 

That feeling is very important to us. Because beer can only be as good as the place you brew it. Which is why it’s no surprise that every batch that comes out of Caledon Hills Brewing Company is pretty damn spectacular. 

Our brewery is housed in a modest little barn, set back from a pristine stretch of road that folks around here like to shoot car commercials on. You've seen the kind. Where a super slick sports model zigs and zags its way down a windy forest road, whipping leaves up in its wake. 

It's up for debate whether or not these commercials sell the car. But they do a lovely job of selling the beauty to be found here in Caledon Hills.

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