About CAMRA Alberta (Campaign for Real Ale Society)

The original Campaign for Real Ale Society was formed in the England during 1971 by a group of passionate beer drinkers who were concerned that locally brewed real ale was losing ground to global macro beers. However, CamRA is not confined solely to the UK.  There is a strong presence operating right next to us in BC.  CAMRA BC and more particularly, the Vancouver Branch, has served as an inspiration to us for what can be accomplished.

GROW: To promote and grow craft beer culture in Alberta
EDUCATE: To educate the public about craft beer and what distinguishes it from mass produced beer.
ENCOURAGE: To encourage craft beer appreciation and responsible consumption
SHARE: To bring people together and create a social pub culture
PARTNER: Celebrate stand-out liquor stores, pubs, restaurants and craft breweries in Wild Rose Alberta!


CAMRA Alberta (Campaign for Real Ale Society) Address

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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