About Carlton Draught

In 1855 a barley farmer began brewing beer in a small wooden shack at the back of his farm. For 15 years he toiled with barley, hops and yeast, trying to ferment the perfect brew. But that particular farmer never got it right. And then, he died. 

So we bought up his land at a very cheap price, and built a brewery on it. The very same brewery that brings you the glorious Carlton Draught of today.

Our mission is to bring you the same entertainment and enjoyment you would get at any of the great Carlton Draught pubs to your computer or mobile screen. Whether you’re at your desk, waiting in a line at the footy for a pie, we’re committed to giving you a laugh, and the occasional gift. 

Beers made by Carlton Draught

Carlton Draught

American Adjunct Lager

Carlton Mid

American Pale Lager

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+61 8 6258 4600