About Cervecería Allende

We are a 100% Mexican business aiming to produce high quality craft beers using traditional techniques in order to represent our strong commitment and love towards Mexico. This is complemented with a stron gsense of honesty and responsibility while reflecting our culture in every single bottle.

The mission of our team is to create high quality products that can delight the senses of our consumers while becoming a reference in the national and foreign markets.

At Cervecería Allende, we offer sophisticated, unusual and creative craft beers that manage to bottle the passion that we feel for our country.

We want to provide a new opportunity to experience the history, colors, flavors, and traditions of a Mexico that you have never seen before.

Beers made by Cervecería Allende

Allende Agave Lager

American Adjunct Lager

Allende Brown Ale

American Brown Ale

Allende Golden Ale

American Blonde Ale

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+52 415 150 7573