About Cerveza La Sagra

Channeling the spirit of our birthplace, Toledo, a melting pot of different ideas and cultures, LA SAGRA beers are based on diversity and are conceived with fire in the soul.

We do not set limits. We keep our hearts and our minds completely open . And we are always looking for fresh ideas from those who share our passion for brewing. Because we believe that the creativity is contagious and that a fusion of diversities create something really special (whether attitudes, skills, methods or ingredients).

The proof is in our beers. Made with the best ingredients from around the world and using a combination of traditional and innovative brewing methods, LA SAGRA Beers are smooth, elegant, refined and have that touch of magic that sets them above the norm. From our free-spirited and refreshing Bohemian Pilsner, combining Spanish flame with Czech ingenuity, to our refined, rich and creamy Porter, created from the expertise of British brewers.

union of knowledge ; A mix of ideas; A spark of creativity .

Beers made by Cerveza La Sagra

Madrí Excepcional

Euro Pale Lager

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