About Cerveza Minerva

Cerveza Minerva is a proudly Mexican company and highly specialized in the production of crafted drinks, that was founded in the heart of Jalisco, with the intention of distinguishing itself for producing highly specialized beer at a fair price point. Our line of 100% malt beers is characterized not only by its thorough artisanal fabrication process, but the highest-ranking quality of its ingredients.

We were born on July, 2003. The original ideas was conceived by Ing. Jesús Briseño who, when traveling to Europe with his father, tasted styles of beer that were not in Mexico. So when finishing university, he decided to start expanding his beer brewing knowledge, taking different courses and certificates to become an expert on the subject. Our first to batches of beer were Kölsch and Viena Styles, which we decided to call: Minerva Colonial and Minerva Viena.

We took our name from La Minerva, the most representative roundabout of the Perla Tapatía. La Minerva es the goddess of wisdom, the arts, and war strategies. She is the patron of artisans. We are not afraid of going against the norms, face the bigger ones, and start revolutions.

Beers made by Cerveza Minerva


American Double / Imperial IPA

Ambar de Guadalajara

American Amber / Red Lager

Cobriza de Guadalajara

American Amber / Red Ale

El Dorado

American IPA


American IPA

Imperial Stout

American Double / Imperial Stout

Imperial Tequila Ale

American Strong Ale

Pale Ale

English Pale Mild Ale


Vienna Lager


Seasonal American Double / Imperial IPA

Lupe Reyes

Seasonal Weizenbock


Seasonal Belgian Pale Ale


Seasonal American Double / Imperial Stout

Padrino Triple IPA

Seasonal American Double / Imperial IPA


Seasonal American Adjunct Lager


Seasonal American Blonde Ale


Seasonal American Adjunct Lager

Brewery Contact

Phone Number

+52 33 3682 0474