About Cerveza Urbana

The roots of Urbana run deep in Baja, specifically with the Reneaum family. Armando Sr. is not only the family’s patriarch, but also a respected member of the community. And after he shared his knowledge and passion of artisanal craft beer with his sons, Armando Jr. and Alejandro, he also taught them how great beer can bring friends and community together. 

So it’s only natural that the Urbana brewery is on family land, passed down through generations along with all the tradition that goes along with it. Now, the Reneaum family hosts hundreds of visitors every week to share good times with their neighbors and friends, and great beer brewed with care and only the best ingredients. 

Beers made by Cerveza Urbana

Blonde Ale

American Blonde Ale

Crossover IPA

American IPA

Robust Porter

American Porter

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